"Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to improve their lives, South African or not."

To help break the cycle of poverty in their lives, we take impoverished women off the streets and place them in skills driven programmes that provide them with an opportunity to become entrepreneurs in their communities. We teach them skills such as crafts and flower rehabilitations, which they learn through a project named Bouquet of Joy. At the same time, we place their children into early childhood development preschools in the Diepsloot area, which allows them to gain an education, at the cost of the foundation.

Mostly, we want to give all woman and children a place where they can feel like they belong.



The Dadewethu Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to help women and children get off the streets and stay off the streets.

The foundation was established in response to something that's been on the founder, Natasha Reuben's, heart for a long time. As a woman and a mother, Natasha found it difficult to drive by each day and see so many women scorching in the heat of the day, and little children not being in school. She took it upon herself to stop getting frustrated by the situation and start doing something about it.

One day, she decided to speak to one of the ladies to find out why they're on the streets and her children not in school. And, it was heart-breaking to hear the tragic and very difficult circumstances they face daily, which give these women no choice but to take to the streets. It was that inspirational conversation that sparked the formation of the Dadewethu Foundation.


We collect donated flowers from individuals, weddings and corporate events that would otherwise be discarded, and get our moms to transform them into beautiful floral arrangements. They're then donated to underserved clinics and centres for abused women and children. This project allows us to support our ladies with employment while also spreading joy and positivity to others in need.


Ideally, we need corporates, florists and wedding venues to get on board and donate any unused flowers to our foundation, so we can increase our capacity to help more people. These flower donations will go toward implementing and sustaining the Bouquet of Joy project.


Any monetary amount towards the foundation would be tremendously appreciated. Either a once-off payment or a monthly donation via debit order.


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Account Name: Dadwethu Foundation
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